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My story


In 2009 I was faced with a choice: undergo a major hip surgery or search for another way to restore my body’s balance. I was in dire need of exercise, but none of the fitness programs I tried could reverse the misalignment of my spine and hips.


Out of desperation I turned to Yoga.  Over time my regular practice did not only prevent the operation, but also reduced my back, neck and shoulder pain. Slowly this became a new way of life. Becoming a yoga teacher was a logical next step. After finishing 500 hours of training with the Yoga Alliance Certified schools in The Himalayas (India), I continued my education in Yoga Therapy.

Yoga Therapy

I dived even deeper into the anatomy and healing effects of Yoga. During my years of study, I learned how to adjust any asana to fit the needs of each person in my class. Yoga Therapy gave me the ability to customize programs and work within a broad range of ailments and injuries. Now I know for sure, that regardless of age, flexibility and physical ability, Yoga does its job. Whether you come to my classes to recover, get stronger or relax, there is always a practice that fits your needs.

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